PAC San Jose 2002G Dynamites Black
Originally started as a recreational team, the '02 Girls Dynamites Black team made the move at u9 to go comp. The Dynamites Black 02' is a silver team, that has moved up every season, with its sights set on reaching Elite status. The goal here is not to win games now, but to develop our girls early by giving them age appropriate training.We hope that our girls have a lot of the soccer intuition they need by the time they reach High School and the girls will have the tools to compete at the highest level and pursue soccer at a collegiate level. This team focuses on ball movement, passing, attacking and defending as a team. Our girls have made dramatic improvements from their initial u8 days.

This dedicated staff of volunteer coaches and parents, prides it's self on not charging for their roles on this team. Giving their athletes the best training possible at a cost of $0, is the satisfaction they receive when the beautiful game is played the way the envision it and plan it during training.

About the coaches:

With over 40 years of soccer experience, the coaching staff knows what it takes to send their players to the next level.

Coach Sergio: For over 20 years Coach Sergio has developed youth soccer players and molded them to go play college soccer with scholarships. He has pushed his teams to win 7 state cup and 4 Regional titles. His teams have also reached the US National championships and competed in the best leagues and tournaments around the country. With his complete roster recruited by college coaches and every one of his players now attending college, coach Sergio prides on doing the best for his players and not his pockets.

Quote from coach Sergio: I took on the challenge of taking girls that were not ready for comp soccer and develop these girls with a goal in mind. I told my parents up front, we're not gonna win right away but we will and when that time comes, the girls will have a blast and we will do it playing team soccer.

Coach Batrez has played collegiate level in different sports. He is also a school teacher and bring valuable teaching skills to his coaching role. He is also the Girls Varsity Soccer head coach at UPA.

Coach Marco has played at a high level and now brings his playing experience to teach our girls attacking skills that he used during his playing years. A parent/coach, he chooses to coach because of the love for the game and with the intention for his athletes to get the best training at no cost.

Coach Betencor has played collegiate level and works with our 02' and 03' goalies to become the best goalies they can. Very few teams work with their goalies, here we dedicate training sessions specifically to our goalies needs. Coach Betencor also coaches High School Soccer at the JV level.

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