PAC San Jose 2004B Red
PAC San Jose 2004 Boys are trained by Ben Fiscalini, a National C licensed soccer coach with over 3 years' experience at the youth competitive level and over 20 years of competitive experience as a player. Coach Ben's primary focus is player development with a strong emphasis on teamwork and fostering an appreciation of the beautiful sport of soccer for all his students.

Ben's philosophy is that all youth soccer players should have access to highest quality training available, and he volunteers his time coaching students at a fraction of the cost of other clubs. Training is conducted in a positive and encouraging environment which translates into the high-level of success that has become a hallmark of his teams. Training sessions take place on Tuesday and Thursday at Willow Glen High School, and all parents who are interested are welcome to bring their son(s) to participate. For further inquiries, please contact the team manager, Nathan Adams (NSCAA Junior 6 Licensed Coach) at 408-661-9013, or email Nathan at NADAMSLP@GMAIL.COM.

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