Paying for player and staff registrations:

For all payments, contact Cheryl at

How to find out how much you need to pay:

1. Determine how many registrations/player age you'll need.
     a. U11 and below - $28 USD
     b. U12 through U19 - $34 USD
     c. U20 and above - $35 USD
     d. Staff Registration - $25
      Note: a $10 club fee is included in the price of each registration above.
2. Make the check payable to PAC.
3. Identify the team name/coach in the memo section. Include how many registrations and the age group for those registrations.
4. Mail the check to: Cheryl Van Zuylen, 3173 Hostetter Road, San Jose, CA 95132
5. Allow 5 business days up receipt for the check to clear. For Non-Sufficient Fund (NSF) checks, the team is responsible to cover all bank fees and an additional $25 processing fee.

Note: Teams will not be able to register if there are any outstanding fines for the team, coaches or any member affiliated with the team. Fines include: missing meetings, not participating in fundraisers, field payments, league fines, outstanding referee bills, etc.

Team Bonds

Per the PAC Coach's agreement, each team must submit an individual bond. The bond will be used to cover fines for not attending team meetings, unpaid league fines, or any other team financial obligation not covered by the team that is referred to the PAC Soccer Board for collection. The bond must be maintained at the set amount all times or the team/coach face suspension. Teams that incur more than $300 in fines and obligations will have their individual team bond increased to the amount of fines incurred during the calendar year plus $250 over that amount. Bonds will be returned to the team when the team leaves PAC, providing the team has completed all their seasonal and financial obligations and notified the PAC Coaching director at least 60 days in advance of the team's departure. Fines collected from individual team bonds are under the prevue of the PAC Soccer Board for distribution (web site, scholarships, etc.) as determined by the PAC Soccer Board of Directors. Refer to the Financial section of the the PAC Coaches contract for more details.